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The one reason I didn’t want an iPod Touch is that there’s no way to connect to the Internet when you don’t have WiFi. Relying entirely on WiFi is probably fine in San Francisco, but not so great in Tiverton.

It doesn’t have Bluetooth, so connecting through my mobile phone was out. Until I happened on another answer – turn the phone into a WiFi hotspot. Here’s a post that explains how it’s done. You need a little app that turns the phone (works on lots of phones, not just my Nokia) into a WiFi router. Make sure you change the settings to make it secure, or other people can cost you a lot of money.

After that, run the app on the phone, and you can hide it in the background to leave the phone locked if you prefer. Let the iPod connect to the phone’s WiFi connection, and it thinks it as ‘real’ WiFi.

Not as convenient and easy as it should be, but it works, and now we have iPod Touches that can connect to the Internet wherever we are.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the information. Now I can browse the internet on my iPod Touch!!! ^_^

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