The number game of truths about me… from Facebook

Well, it’s not a massive development in my blogging revival, but these notes can sometimes be entertaining, so I thought I’d do one over here for a change… 10 Things You Wish You Could Say to 10 Different People If I have lost you, then I’m disappointed. But life goes on. Don’t you sweat like […]

Pictures from recent fangirly adventures

I’m not ashamed to admit it. This year I have become one of those sorts that go to conventions, and fan events and all sorts of fun malarkey like that. I even cosplay. Not as well as others, but it’s the perfect excuse to raid the dress-up box. Here are some photos from my recent […]

FACEBOOK and other time vampires

(or a list of excuses for neglecting my blog) I can’t remember where I came across the expression “time vampire” but it perfectly sums up what happens to me when I switch on my computer on a morning and attempt to have a productive day. Today is a fine example. Today, I decided, was the […]

Hello Kitty Mug

I wanted some pics of a few things I’d bought while we were in Birmingham. I used the black paper the mug was wrapped in, set the camera to control a remote flash, and hand-held my SB-800 flash. I used an Apple Store bag wrapped over the flash head to diffuse the light, and left […]