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I’m not ashamed to admit it. This year I have become one of those sorts that go to conventions, and fan events and all sorts of fun malarkey like that. I even cosplay. Not as well as others, but it’s the perfect excuse to raid the dress-up box.

Here are some photos from my recent adventures at conventions…

18th April 2009, Collectormania Midlands

In which I cosplayed as Rupert Galvin from Demons (occasionally with dodgy US accent) accompanied by Anni, who made a very convincing Mina Harker, and my lovely friend LJ as Ruby.

I will smite thee with my water pistol.

I contemplated joining the Dark Side. Lovely chap, that Mr Vader.

You're Mr Stevens??

And did my best to hide from this guy…

Scary thing.

7th June 2009, Collectormania Milton Keynes

Many photos were taken at this event, and many good times were had. But this is the money shot… and not just because it cost me fifteen quid.

Me and The Lovely Mr Glenister

No, I didn’t tell him what I would be up to just two weeks later. Which was, of course, dressing up as his most popular character and, er, getting very very drunk.

20th June 2009, Luigi’s Meet, London

Despite it being hot as hell down there I got suited and booted and gloved in an attempt to entertain fellow A2A fangirls and a few cast members who turned up as a surprise…

Me with Jack Walters and Michael Barber, a couple of the background CID boys who made their presence felt during Series 2 of Ashes to Ashes without having to say a word.

Later on this month I’m off to the London Film and Comic Con where I’ll be meeting Danny John Jules (The Cat from Red Dwarf) and Bolly-Kecks ‘erself, Keeley Hawes. Looking forward to it.