Upgrading to MacOS 10.6 Snow Leopard

[Updated at end] I hadn’t actually planned to take two days off work so I’d be off for the day of release of Snow Leopard. It just happened that way. I’d booked the time off in order to spend a little time with Sam’s mum (quack, quack). Then, it just happened that the second day […]

Reduced Ads

Getting PigPog back to just using AdSense worked nicely. Income was still tiny, but much better than when AdSense was competing with Project Wonderful. I wondered what effect having less of the same ads would have. I knew from past experience that it isn’t always what you’d expect. I removed the footer ad that was […]

Scanning to Evernote

Long, long ago, my dad upgraded his flatbed scanner, and gave us his old one. It was a perfectly decent Canon CanoScan N650U – nice and small, and runs entirely from USB, without needing a power supply. It sat in a bag, in the spare room. I finally got around to digging it out today, […]

Almost Quitting Evernote

I have something of a love/hate relationship with Evernote. I love what it can do. I love that it can handle so many formats of data, at least when just pasted into a note. I love that there are real native clients on every platform, rather than relying on web-based ‘apps’. I love its ability […]