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I have something of a love/hate relationship with Evernote. I love what it can do. I love that it can handle so many formats of data, at least when just pasted into a note. I love that there are real native clients on every platform, rather than relying on web-based ‘apps’. I love its ability to read text in pictures. I love the way it makes the 40Mb of monthly data transfer you get for free go such a long way – I haven’t needed to upgrade to the paid service yet, even though I use it quite a bit. I love the fact that there’s even a neat syncing client for my iPod.

I hate the Windows client, though, which feels so clunky compared to the Mac client. I hate the way the iPod (iPhone) client just closes itself regularly when you’re using it. I hate the way it can’t access anything offline unless you’ve manually marked it as a favourite on the iPod.

I stuck with it, though, because it was the only thing that did what it did.

Then, a few days ago, things got worse. The iPod client just stopped syncing, claiming it had an error connecting to Evernote’s servers. The sync managed a few stages, so it obviously could connect to them. I tried logging it out and back in, and still had the same problem.

I decided it had to go.

I worked out what I really needed from a note-keeping app, and went on the hunt.

It turns out that Evernote is still the only thing that does what it does.

I plugged the iPod in, unticked Evernote, and synced. I ticked it again, and synced. I then ran Evernote, and it worked fine. Rather annoyingly, I’ve lost all of my favourites – they seem to be a local setting on the iPod. Still, I have my notes back, and I guess I’ll just have to live with the stability issues.

I do get the impression that Evernote (the company) keep working hard to improve the apps, so I’m hopeful that the Windows version will start to catch up to the excellent Mac version, and the iPod/iPhone version will get more stable with updates and server changes.

I finally came close to my free account limit last month, so I’ll probably be upgrading to a paid account soon.

5 thoughts on “Almost Quitting Evernote

  1. I love Evernote – I use the Windows version at home and at work and use it for all sorts of things. The Windows client isn’t great though – but I put up with it because it’s still the best way for me to create notes and store information where ever I am. I mostly restrict my mobile use to emailing in photos, but I have used the mobile version of the web client from time to time. I use an Android based phone so there isn’t a client available for that yet.

    I have listened to the Evernote podcast from time to time and I think they’re working on a new version of the Windows client, so hopefully that’ll be a step in the right direction. Fingers crossed.

    I have been a premium subscriber for a long time too. One of the things I use it for is storing PDF files of walking and cycling routes – thanks to Evernote’s indexing, I can find features inside these documents that were a real pain for me to find prior to using Evernote – they index things inside PDF’s that behave like images as well as the straight text.

    • I thought I’d heard that a big overhaul was planned for the Windows version. I do sometimes email photos to it from my mobile, too – a nice easy way to get a snap into it.

      I’ve set up a flatbed scanner today, and found that it can even read my handwriting occasionally, but that’s another post 😉

  2. I recommend subscribing to the evernote podcast. It comes out aprox. once a week, and features the companies CEO, CMO and CTO, talking about what is going on with the various clients, good use cases, answers of emails and so on. Excellent way for users to find out what is going on with this wonderful application.

    • I’ve been subscribed to it for quite a while. I should probably get around to watching one or two at some point…

  3. i too think about quiting evernote, but each time i look for alternatives, i go back to evernote. my main gripe about evernote is how handles ink. i use a samsung q1p running windows 7 as my main “collector” and when i’m in the middle of writing a note, the ink recognizer slows to a crawl, even if evernote is the only app running. then, when i view the ink notes on the web or on my iphone, the image is horrible. i can’t even view my notes on a mac, because there isn’t ink support on macs.

    for now, i do a majority of inking in onenote (which, btw, allows me to mix ink/text, yet another strike against evernote), then import the note using evernote.

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