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Long, long ago, my dad upgraded his flatbed scanner, and gave us his old one. It was a perfectly decent Canon CanoScan N650U – nice and small, and runs entirely from USB, without needing a power supply. It sat in a bag, in the spare room.

I finally got around to digging it out today, only to discover that Canon have never made any drivers available for Intel Macs.

Fortunately, though, VueScan can use it without the need for a driver. It means having to pay around $40 to be able to use the scanner, but it works well, and that’s a lot cheaper than buying a scanner.

In testing, I’ve scanned pages from a notebook, with my own handwriting, and dragged the resulting file into Evernote. A short time later, Evernote’s servers have had a look at the image, and worked out what much of my writing actually says. A handwritten note I scribbled on paper is now searchable.

Sometimes it’s fun living in the future.