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Getting PigPog back to just using AdSense worked nicely. Income was still tiny, but much better than when AdSense was competing with Project Wonderful.

I wondered what effect having less of the same ads would have. I knew from past experience that it isn’t always what you’d expect.

I removed the footer ad that was making almost nothing, and also got rid of the big ‘leaderboard’ ad along near the top of the page. It was bringing in around half of our income. Logically, getting rid of it would halve our income, but I suspected it wouldn’t.

It actually doubled. We’re showing less ads, giving more space to our content, and making more money by doing it (well, technically not actually making money, as the hosting still costs more than we bring in, but it helps to keep it as a cheap hobby, making it almost free.) With less ads all over the place, the site looks nicer, too.