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When we sold our house, one of the first places we had a shopping spree was Cotswold, the outdoors shop. Even with out new-found wealth, I shied away from the price of the coats I liked the look of, but I did buy a hat (North Face) and gloves. I loved those gloves. They were from Lowe Alpine, the non-photography side of Lowe Pro, maker of my favourite bags. They were fingerless gloves, with a fold-down section that turned them into mittens, and matching foldaway tips for the thumbs. I could use my camera without having to take them off, but still be kept nice and warm when I wasn’t taking pics.

I lost one glove.

I figured I liked them enough to replace them, but when I managed to find somewhere to buy replacements (a cold spell had sold a lot of gloves), I realised I’d forgotten how expensive they were. A little further from the glow of a house-sale, with a couple of iMacs sitting at home, they looked a bit too expensive, so I didn’t replace them. I found alternatives, but nowhere near as good.

I also lost my buffs (what? Scarf/Hat/Thing – see link below). I decided to go rummaging in boxes to find where they were hiding before winter arrives. I found them – standard and cyclone. And the missing glove.


Only one problem now – I had no idea what I’d done with the other glove! Fortunately, Sam remembered where it was, so I was reunited with my very nice, very expensive gloves, and both of my buffs. I’m now well prepared for winter.

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