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Before I tell you about the experience of buying a Buff online, from the manufacturer’s own site, I should probably explain what a Buff actually is, for those who haven’t already spent time in ‘outdoors’ shops, staring at the looping video demo.

It’s a tube of microfibre polyester, that can be worn as a scarf, hat, headband, wristband, etc. For more info, Wikipedia have summary of it, and their own site will give you videos showing you what it can do:

I decided last Sunday evening that it was time to get another Buff – my old black one is a little worn now, and I was in the mood for a change to something more colourful. I browsed the pics on their site, and found the one I wanted, with a nice leafy pattern.

Ordering was easy enough, and i paid with PayPal.

The Buff arrived on Tuesday – impressively quick – must have been sent out the day after I ordered, which is always nice, especially when delivery is free. I know from my own experience that online retailers can be a bit on the busy side on a Monday, catching up from the weekend’s orders.

There was a nice surprise to come, though. The package contained the Buff I’d ordered, and a neat little 09/10 catalogue. Also, though, were a couple of Buff stickers, a DVD of the demo videos, and a little branded mobile phone screen cleaning pad, along with promo stickers and a postcard for another venture they have, SueMe.

The whole experience was made good by being simple and efficient, and the extra little freebies made it even better.

4 thoughts on “Buying a Buff Online

    • They’re pretty handy things. I’m finding mine quite useful wrapped around my mousing wrist – a nice padded surface to slide on the desk with.

      • I love mine. Whenever I want for a hike in windy weather, most of me was all snug but getting blasted in the face by the wind was horrible. Pulling this thing up over my mouth – (and sometimes nearly up to my eyes!) just got rid of that biting wind feeling. Great things. I had initially dismissed them as trendy bits of material, but they are genuinely good 🙂

  1. Got mine today – likewise with quick delivery, handful of freebies, very impressed – all of the kids now want one and I want a few more! Mine of course is the Grateful Dead inspired bones ‘n’ roses!

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