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Just some test shots with my new camera – a birthday gift from my parents. Snaps of my mobile phone, taken on the desk in front of me.

First, the ‘normal’ shot:

Nokia E71 - Normal

Now using the ‘Pinhole Camera’ setting:

Nokia E71 - Pinhole

Now with the ‘Grainy B&W’ setting:

Nokia E71 - Grainy B&W

I like both of the settings. I’d hoped to use this camera with much less processing, and getting more ‘rough’ shots. I think these settings will help. The Pinhole camera setting is quite close to what I often try to do with Aperture – adding a vignette, and reducing saturation; while the Grainy B&W setting is another type of shot I often try to do afterwards – dark, moody, with a heavy vignette.

I can’t comment much on the camera yet, as I haven’t even taken it outside, but it’s looking likely it will do what I wanted it to.

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