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Noticings is an interesting idea for a web site. It’s based around the excellent Flickr photo sharing site. Imagine Flickr crossed with an open-ended treasure hunt. You spot things – any things – and take photos. Sign in at Noticings so they know to check for your pics. Post the pics to Flickr, and tag them ‘noticings’. They also have to be geotagged – added to the map on Flickr. Depending on how you took them and got them there, that may happen automatically, but I had to do it manually after uploading.

BerriesYou then score points for the things you notice. There are a set of rules, and various ways of scoring bonus points, but they’re changing all the time as they work out what works and what doesn’t. You also have to have a little patience – things you notice are only added to the site the next day at 15:00 UTC. That also means you don’t find out about a problem until it’s too late to fix it – I tagged a photo as ‘noticing’ instead of ‘noticings’, and it cost me the points.

I’m hitting the problem that I’m not often out during daylight at the moment – winter isn’t great for photography when you have a job with ‘normal’ hours. Even when I am out, I don’t walk much during a normal weekday, but anything that encourages me to walk more has to be a good thing!

I’ve only had one ‘noticing’ so far, but it’s making me look for ‘things’ more when I’m out, and I like that change.