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Yesterday, it was cold, so we hid in the flat. Today, we decided to face it. The car window was frosted into some pretty patterns, so I amused myself by photographing them while waiting for the car to warm up a bit.

We filled up Bob (our Honda CR-V) with petrol first, then shopped at Tesco, then parked up in the multi-storey car-park in Tiverton. We soon found that we had trouble finding any grip on the same road Bob had managed fine on, but we both stayed upright. Lunch at SubWay warmed us up, followed by a brief wander around town. Superdrug provided me with new stock of Paul Smith Extreme (Search for "Paul Smith Extreme" on: DuckDuckGo, Amazon UK, Amazon US), so I can continue to smell pleasant. Well, not too bad, anyway.

We then called in to Homebase, to pick up a replacement light fitting for the living room, and a couple of cheap table lamps to keep us going until I come round to the idea of doing electrical work whilst balancing on a chair. It doesn’t hold much appeal at the moment, but maybe the idea will grow on me. We also bought a second ceramic heater (Search for "ceramic heater" on: DuckDuckGo, Amazon UK, Amazon US) there. We bought a ceramic heater some time ago, and it seems better than other fan heaters we’ve had. This new one was much cheaper, not as well featured, but still works very well. It can keep the living room a bit warmer in this cold weather, and maybe help out in the bedroom too if it gets any colder.

We still don’t have any food in ready for Christmas, but we’ll just take whatever’s knocked down cheap on Christmas Eve – it doesn’t matter to us what we end up with.