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Now we’re in the last couple of days of the year, thoughts inevitably drift towards hopes, plans and promises for the coming year. And, of course, that means drawing my attention to my ever-present weight problem.

Regular visitors to my blog may now be thinking, “Hang on a moment, aren’t you the one who lost over 100lbs in a year? How come you still have a weight problem?” Well, I fell into the trap many people on weight loss journeys do – I grew irritated and annoyed with the plan I was doing, I stopped doing it, I went off the rails and now I’m right back where I started.

I’m now ready to try again, but with an entirely different approach. First of all, I’m taking a long look at what happened last time, and where it all went into reverse. During those 12 months where I was losing 3lbs a week or more, I was obsessed with “the plan”. Obsessed to the point that discovering an oily dressing on the salad I’d ordered could ruin a meal out. It got to the point I couldn’t sustain living that way and remaining sane.

Then there was the obsession with the scale. My mood for the day being determined by some numbers on a digital display. I remember helping out at my group, doing the weigh-ins, and I’d ask people how they were and they’d say “We’ll see, shall we?”. How is that a way to live? Letting the numbers on a box determine how you approach your day?

So from that I’ve found two issues that I can work on straightaway which I will be able to build on and hopefully achieve healthier habits and as a result, weight loss:

  • Take a kinder approach to changing my eating habits. No counting, no weighing, just gently making adjustments at a pace I’m comfortable with.

  • Build a greater awareness of what is going on with my body. Not to rely on the numbers on a scale, but to observe the changes in my body.

This approach won’t bring miracles or quick fixes, and it may be some time before I see any visible results, but a slow, gentle, kind approach to a healthier lifestyle makes more sense for me right now.

I’ll write more about my progress as I go on. Wish me luck.

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  1. Lotsa luck – I lost over 2 stone this year and have put half of it back on. Grr! My wife lost over 4 stone but has added 1 of those back on – so we’re with you on this.

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