Steam for Mac

I’m not really much of a gamer. I play a bit, but it’s generally ‘casual’ games. I don’t have a console, and I don’t think it would be worth buying one for the bit of gaming I might do. A Wii (Search for “Wii” on: DuckDuckGo, Amazon UK, Amazon US) might be worthwhile, but we’d […]

Minimising My Mac

I’ve done a bit of cutting down on what I keep running on my Mac recently. I used to keep lots of apps running all the time – email, Tweetie, Evernote, iTunes, Transmission, Google Chrome. All running, all the time, even overnight. Chrome always had a few tabs open – PigPog’s dashboard, Facebook, Google Reader, […]

MSK Templates – Moleskine ® English

MSK Templates – Moleskine ® English. I’ve just found this, and will no doubt be spending quite some time poking and playing… it’s a jolly interesting development, though! I’ll post more thoughts when I’ve explored it a little more.