Home :: An open letter to Alexia

Hello Alexia,

I think I’ve read your post on Freak Revolution six, maybe seven times now. The first two times I cried, the other times I just I soaked up the words and I’ve carried them around with me ever since.

It shouldn’t be hard for me to remember who I really am, I’m never far away from the silliness that keeps me smiling, or the people who keep me both silly and smiling, but when this article first came to my attention I had forgotten, and I was in one hell of a self-inflicted mess. So I read your post over and over, dug out my journal and got to scribbling. The result was pleasing for several reasons:

The ‘F’ word is nowhere to be seen.

Sure, it defines me physically at the moment, but I am no longer ‘fat’ before anything else. There’s a hell of a lot going on. This is a breakthrough in itself, and maybe is the start to getting it fixed (properly this time too).

There is indeed a lot going on, and it’s all awesome.

I’m married to my best friend. I also have lots of very lovely close friends (close as in value, sadly not in geography… some I haven’t even met in person). I have a pretty decent day job. I live in a beautiful part of England. And I’m free to explore, dream, and play as much as I wish.

I’m a dreamer, and I’m not the only one.

Sharing my life with so many creative souls is wonderful. I have writers, drummers, photographers, musicians, actors and magicians in my circle of friends. Each of them inspire me to keep on dreaming and keep on playing.

I have a decent job (at last).

Still in admin, still in the public sector, but with enough to do to keep me interested. And doing that keeps me grounded and funds all the silly stuff.

I’m “The Comic”

I’m at my happiest when I’m making folks LOL (except when they LOL at the size of my arse, that’s different). I’m at my happiest when I’m putting together shows, or skits for parties. I’m also at my happiest when impersonating a bloke. Go figure. I cosplay as this chap, which is just as much fun as it looks, strutting around being all alpha male. What started as a silly joke at the weight loss group I shall not name, “The Guv” is now my alter ego and to be honest he gets away with a lot more than I do. He even has his own fan club.

He’s such a charmer. No wonder the ladies love him.

Thank you, Alexia, for challenging me to remember, notice and appreciate all of this. Here’s to us comics, dancers, insect-collectors, artists and dreamers… or, to put it another way:


Sam xx