Photo-a-day 31 January 2011

Well that’s January almost over with. What does February have in store? I really have no idea.

Photo-a-Day 30th January 2011

Cookery tip – when chopping vegetables, if you find yourself cutting into something softer than expected, you either need to check the freshness or pay more attention. Ow.

Photo-a-day 29th January 2011

The best Saturdays start with coffee and brunch at Mad Hatters – we arrived at their busiest time again, but managed to get a table. Behind Michael is David, the proprietor, lit up like an angel. Appropriate really because anyone who can serve up cooked breakfasts that good must on secondment from heaven itself.

Photo-a-day 28th January 2011

Most impressive thing I’ve done today? Get out of bed. Most sensible thing I’ve done today? Going back there again. G’night all.