Home :: Photo-a-day 13th January 2011

Today’s photo celebrates 15 years of being in love with my best friend. And as a bonus, here’s a list of 15 reasons why Michael John Randall is my favourite human being:

  • He supports me through my darker days, even if he doesn’t understand what’s going on.
  • He sports a beard that can only be described as EPIC.
  • He has the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen.
  • He can out-eyebrow John Belushi, Roger Moore and Stephen Colbert.
  • He tolerates my fangirlism.
  • He doesn’t object when I go gallivanting around London in drag with my mates.
  • He’s a Mac.
  • He’s a fantastic cook.
  • He’s as daft as a brush.
  • He often makes me giggle. Sometimes even LOL.
  • He rocks the Tilley without looking silly.
  • He’s a fantastic photographer. And Getty Images agrees.
  • What he doesn’t know about pens isn’t worth knowing.
  • He gave me an online home to play in long before Facebook and Twitter came along.
  • He makes my life better simply by being willing to share his with me.

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