My Photo Workflow 2

I recently wrote a post about my photo workflow – how I get photos from my camera to Flickr, etc. I admitted in the post that it was a bit over-complicated for me, and that set me off rethinking it. I now, a week later, do something quite different. If I was taking pics that […]

Photo-A-Day 22nd April 2011

For me and my gloriously nutty circle of friends, this is absolutely hilarious. So I dedicate this to them… to The LuLas – the best bunch of fans a TV show could ever hope for.

Photo-A-Day 20th April 2011

A lovely man in a lovely place. Looking forward to a nice long Easter weekend with Michael, hopefully spending much of it by the canal.

Photo-A-Day 19th April 2011

There comes a time, every now and then, when I get so frustrated with my barnet that I have to take action. Usually that action involves 3 hours in a hot, uncomfortable salon and parting company with an unpleasant amount of cash. Not today. Today, I did it myself. Rather pleased with the results too.