Home :: Photo-a-“day” – 17th April 2011

Back after a longer than planned hiatus, and your humble narrator finds herself with some interesting reading matter.

I was diagnosed with ‘borderline’ Type 2 Diabetes recently. Shit, you might say, just got real. Hopefully I should be able to control it with sensible choices and the meds I’ve been prescribed. Sadly, these sensible choices involve waving a sad and fond farewell to the booze, and the deliciously easy processed foods that have elbowed their way back into my diet again.

Switching back to a healthier lifestyle after falling spectacularly off the wagon when I quit Slimming World a couple of years ago is going to be a tough old job, but I will find that balance again. This time I have the support of my new GP and a fantastic Diabetes Nurse. I’m seeing the Nurse every couple of weeks for weigh-ins and check ups.

I think this might just be the kick up the backside I needed. We’ll see.

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