First try at a Status post

I’m busy fiddling with PigPog again. Mostly, switching back to using a custom theme, with a new theme I’m working on. Not there yet, so it’s a bit basic, but it’s mostly usable. I’m also adding support for WordPress’ new Formats feature, too, with ‘link’ and ‘quote’ done already – this will be my first try with a ‘status’ post.

Things that Can’t Go Wrong

The difference between something that can go wrong and something that can’t possibly go wrong is that when something that can’t possibly go wrong goes wrong it usually turns out to be impossible to get at or repair. –Douglas Adams

Glitch Earthshaker

In the game of Glitch, mining uses a lot of energy, but you can mine energy-free after drinking an Earthshaker. Today was my birthday, so Sam attempted to make real Earthshakers. I’m not sure I’d have been up for much mining after, but it was delicious.