Thistle Do

A quick iPhone Macro of a thistle flower. Took lots of shots, because the wind was blowing the flowers around so much it was hard to get a sharp shot. Two or three turned out ok, this was the only one that really turned out well.

Sometimes, all you can do is take a bunch of shots, and hope for the best.

Foreland Point

Another brief stop on our way across Exmoor, at Foreland Point. There was a small turning off to the side of the moors, and on a whim, I turned off and we parked up. Allegedly there’s a lighthouse nearby, but we didn’t go that far, and only saw some wonderful scenery, and ponies. OMG PONIES!!!1!. Pony photos soon, assuming I got some usable shots. For now, the moors falling into the sea, with Wales in the distance:

This was taken with You Gotta See This on my iPhone. My Nikon D90 is in the extreme foreground, hanging around my neck.

Digital Paintings

Playing with digital painting using various art apps on the iPad.

Failure of Cynicism

I have no interest in sport, generally. That carries over to having no interest in the Olympics. I have nothing against those who do have an interest in sport – it seems like a pretty arbitrary thing to be interested in to me, but many of my interests are in pretty arbitrary things too. It makes little sense to care who can run faster, or who can throw a metal ball further; but it makes little sense to find such fascination in pens, or torches, or to obsess over photographing rusty things, but these appeal to me.

My lack of interest in the Olympics carried over to the opening ceremony. I wasn’t watching it. I even closed Twitter so I didn’t have to see thousands of other people tweeting about what was happening. Sam opened the live stream of it on her Mac, so I ignored that too.

But I was slowly drawn in. The vaguely Hobbiton-like beginning was twee, but the conversion to industrial darkness was impressively gradual, with not much seeming to change quickly, but entirely transforming the set in very little time. Appropriate. By the time the glowing Olympic rings were forged and met in the air, I was actually watching. Shortly after that, I opened Twitter back up again to follow along as everyone excitedly chattered along with the show.

It was impressive, but it remained endearingly British throughout. Confident, but not too cocky. Even a cynical git like me, with no interest in the overall event, found it entertaining to watch.