Crediton and Quickes

We took a trip to Credition today. We’d been there recently for a food festival, but the town was mainly closed because it was Sunday. It looked like a nice town, though, so we wanted to visit again when it was a bit more active.

We had espresso from the excellent Crediton Coffee Company, which started us off well. We were going to eat at the Cheese Cafe, but decided against it, having already rather blown this week’s budget by buying Fitbits (Search for "Fitbits" on: DuckDuckGo, Amazon UK, Amazon US). Instead, we went to Stevie B’s Bakery, for an assortment of breads, then on to Quickes Cheese Shop for some cheeses and mustard.

Now we’re home again, and my Fitbit tells me I’ve climbed the equivalent of “The Tallest Dinosaur”, which sounds quite impressive.