Not Wearing a Watch

I did something a couple of days ago that I haven’t done for a long time. I went out without wearing a watch. I think it may be the first time I’ve done so in, perhaps, twenty years or more.

I always wear a watch.

I’ve heard that ‘the younger generation’ don’t any more, because they have mobile phones with them. I have a mobile phone, but the idea of pulling it out of my pocket and switching it on just to see what time it is has always seemed like far too much effort. Perhaps I’m just part of a lazier generation.

I went without a watch one day recently, but on a weekend, and I didn’t leave home that day. It didn’t seem so bad. Going without one when actually out and about, though, even without doing anything too time-sensitive, felt like something was missing the whole time, and I found myself feeling strangely lost without it several times.

For me, I’m just in the habit of checking the time at a moment’s notice, and doing so frequently. Not being able to felt quite awkward.

The next day, I wore a watch again.

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