Photo Project: Numbers

Latest Update: Updated 92 for a better 92.

Photos of numbers, in order. Starting from 1.

I’ve been ‘working’ on this project for years now, on and off. Sometimes, months will go by without me photographing any numbers, then other times I’ll see numbers everywhere and photograph them. A few rules…

  • Any number can only be in the project once – there can be only one one. And one two.
  • Numbers must be in order, but there can be gaps to fill in later.
  • The number must be ‘naturally occurring’ – I can’t draw a missing number on paper and photograph it.
  • The same type of number can’t be used too many times. Lamp posts here have numbers on them, so the whole project could be full of lamp posts. There are probably slightly too many lamp posts in here already.
  • Numbers can be replaced or ‘upgraded’ – if I get a new version of a number that I like better than the one that’s in here, I’ll upgrade the existing number. Especially to reduce ‘duplicate’ types, like replacing some of the lamp post numbers with other things.
  • The number must be ‘whole’ – no photographing ‘12345’, then cropping it to make ‘1’, ‘2’, ’34’, etc.
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