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As well as keeping track of steps taken and calories burned, the Fitbit (Search for "Fitbit" on: DuckDuckGo, Amazon UK, Amazon US) also monitors sleep. I have Sleep Apnea, which I control by using a CPAP machine that keeps a constant flow of air into my lungs to enable a full and deep sleep.

Nothing says ‘relaxing sleep’ like having a plastic cup strapped to your face.

However, there are times when attaching that contraption to my face sounds as conducive to good sleep as spending a night in a cement mixer. So, on some occasions I sleep without it. Once the Fitbit arrived I was keen to see what the actual difference was between sleeping with the CPAP machine and without it. So, on the first night, I slept unmasked and untethered.

I think this is what is known as “minced sleep”.

I also had a nightmare, and woke up screaming. Lovely.

The following night I used the CPAP machine, and instead of waking up 38 times, I woke up 15 times. The night after, though shorter, was even better:

Perfect. It even looks like a bed.

No nightmares, and no remarkable dreams either. And I no longer snore.

So there’s the first payoff from the Fitbit. Evidence that although being hooked up to a CPAP machine while I sleep can be a real pain in the arse, it’s worth it.

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