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I’ve had Spotify Premium for a couple of years, and since I became an unemployed layabout started a new career as a freelancer gave up on the rat race and became a housewife spend more time at home these days, I have Spotify playing most of the time when I’m here on my own and am free to indulge my terrible taste in music.

I pay a tenner a month for Spotify Premium, and I think it’s worth it. As their library expands the greater my chances of finding that song I’m suddenly in the mood to hear. If I can’t do anything else in a day without hearing the theme tune to The Littlest Hobo Spotify is there to indulge me.

Are you a Spotify user? Do have a dig around my main “Zen” playlist (one with everything). Chances are you’ll find something you like, but it’s equally likely you’ll find something that makes you think “Holy cow! Are you trying to kill your ears?”.

Confession – I just rickrolled myself. Yes, this playlist is that bad. But in among the Rick Astleys and the Monkees lie a few Ramones, a bit of Radiohead and even a bit of Velvet Underground.

And, of course, I have an entire playlist devoted to Slash.

It’s worth a try if you don’t already have it. There is a very limited free version with adverts and other restrictions. More information can be found here.

For those without Spotify who I’ve just afflicted with the urge to hear the Littlest Hobo theme, here you go: