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From Wikipedia:

Breweriana commonly refers to any article containing a brewery name or brand name, usually in connection to collecting them as a hobby. Examples include beer cans, bottles, openers, tin signs, coasters, beer trays, wooden cases and neon signs.

In other words, promotional stuff you find in pubs. I love this stuff. When I was a child, my parents ran a pub, and they had a friend who I only ever knew as “Babycham Les”. Les obviously did some sort of promotional/merchandising job, and through him I became the only 6 year old in Britain to have Babycham marketing materials in her bedroom. Explains a lot really.

“I’d love a Babycham.”

I’ve had a fair old collection of branded glasses over the years. Many have been lost or broken during house moves or acts of drunken incompetence. The most recent acquisition was a Gordon’s Gin branded glass, which arrived about a week after I stopped drinking, so instead of a G&T, I have a T&T.

I love pub stuff from the 70s. I have a Taunton Cider tray, and squealed with glee the day a vintage John Smith’s Bitter tray was found in a crevice when work was being done in our kitchen.

This is my favourite item, though. I do love a big, heavy pub ashtray. I’m not sure of the age of this lovely Stella Artois ashtray, but it makes a damn fine fruit bowl.


eBay’s a good place for hunting down breweriana – here’s a page of Babycham items, including my little plastic friend from my childhood and the classic 70s glasses. My Stella Artois ashtray and Taunton Cider tray came from the Exeter Quay Antique centre, a good spot for pub stuff hunters.

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3 thoughts on “Collecting Breweriana

  1. Awesome! I have managed to get the odd Fullers and Gales Ales heavy ashtrays at bootsales – also a couple of barrel pint glasses (the half-pinters are especially cute!) seems like most pubs these days only serve in lager glasses… shame, really. 🙂

  2. i am looking for this same stella ashtray with the flags. would you know best place to obtain one please?

    Regards, Drew

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