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If you like your planning/organisation gear to have a bit of character, the Dodo Pad will be right up your alley. A massive collection of diaries, planners and notebooks all featuring input from the iconic Lord Dodo, a character whose originality and wit is far from extinct.

The main Dodo Pad is designed as a planner for the family – the design of the diary enabling entries for up to five people, but if you’re not up to five people then you can just as easily use the space for subject/topic (Medical/Work/Social etc), or you could invent four imaginary friends. There’s also the Acad-Pad which runs across the academic year and is ideal for students and teachers.

If you need to plan for a specific event, Lord Dodo has you covered:

There’s the Dodo Book of Wellbeing which has been created in collaboration with the charity “Wellbeing of Women” – a binder full of everything you need to track your progress on the road to wellness. This one may well find a spot on my personal wish list, especially with Β£1.50 from every copy being donated to the partner charity for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Then you’ve got the Dodo Book of the Big Day, the Book of the Big Bump and the Dodo Book of the Big Move. There are also books to help you care for your pet, your horse, cook, travel, garden and take care of your home (another one I could do with). And just in case Lord Dodo hasn’t yet created a book to suit your needs, there’s a blank book to help you set up your own. And if none of that floats your boat, maybe you’d like an eyePad instead.

I bought the Dodo 2012 diary insert for my A5 filofax, at the end of last year and I’ve found it fun to use. The illustrations make it a really nice thing just to sit and look through. It might not be your thing if you’re wanting to tell the world what a slick, proactive, synergised professional you are. But then I guess you already knew that. For the rest of us who just want as much help as they can get sorting out their everyday stuff, and do it with a smile, you can’t go wrong with a Dodo

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  1. It’s a pleasure your Lordship! Nice to know Dodo Towers is local too. Greetings from that county on the other side of the Tamar. πŸ™‚

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