Back Up My Mac

I’ve had my Macbook Air for around seven months now, and in that time, it hasn’t been backed up at all. It isn’t too much of a problem, as anything important tends to go into Dropbox, or is in ‘cloud’ apps like Evernote, so I wouldn’t really lose much if the drive died, but it would be better to have backups. I don’t have any easy way of backing up photos in Aperture, so recent photos would be lost.

I finally remembered that we had an old dead PC lying around, with a good drive in it, and three old LaCie external drives with dead disks (not a good success rate with LaCie). I opened the PC, and removed its drive, then prised one of the LaCie enclosures open, and swapped its drive out. Worked again fine.

Time Machine is now backing up – the drive sits by the bed, so I can let Time Machine update at the end of a day while using the Mac for my night time reading. Or, in this case, blogging.