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Could two silicone rings really become the next big (little) thing in photography?

“Air Clicker” is a camera concept by Yeon Su Kim. This bluetooth-enabled device is designed to connect with smartphone. Once the photo or footage is taken, it can be instantly saved on your smartphone. The forefinger module senses whether your finger is straight, bent, or bent with the rest of your fingers. If you bend only the one finger, the other piece of the puzzle takes a photo. If you bend several fingers, you’ll begin to take a video. The thumb module has only a camera lens and an on/off button visible and is responsible for both collecting the media and transporting the resulting files to your smartphone. From there you can do whatever you want with the files as they sit on your smartphone while the Air Clicker remains free and clear.

As a concept it’s exciting and terrifying in equal measure. The scope for embarrassing ‘accidental’ shots is, well, pretty damn wide. And it’s likely to become just as daft looking as bluetooth headsets. I’ll be interested to hear Michael’s thoughts on this.

From m0iety via Benedough on tumblr.

One thought on “Air Camera? Could this actually work?

  1. I doubt it could really work as it says. Camera lenses can be quite thin these days, for fitting into slim phones and laptop lids, but this would have to be very thin. It’s also wrapped around the joint of your thumb, which seems inconvenient. I like my thumb being able to bend! Accidental shots would be quite a problem, too, as you say.

    Along with all that, the inner edge of my thumb isn’t a natural thing to point the the right direction for taking photos, and when used as they show in the picture, pretending to be using an invisible camera, it points way up and to the right of where I’d be trying to point it. I’d be taking video footage of my little finger.

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