Exmoor Coast

We stopped for a few minutes on Exmoor, between Minehead and Lynton/Lynmouth. The moors of Exmoor just sort of fall into the sea at the North end of Devon and Somerset. The photo collage below was made by an iPhone app called You Gotta See This. It knocks together a collage, of the type that I’m quite keen on making myself, with almost no effort at all. Just wave the phone around so it ‘sees’ lots of the scene, and it builds the collage from what it captures. So easy, it feels like cheating. The road you can see at each side was pretty much straight, and was behind me, but it’s showing a bit more than 180 degrees around me.

Between Minehead and Lynton/Lynmouth.

You can see where we were, and see the same view in Google Street View below:

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We took a tiny road away from the coast, through the middle of Exmoor, shortly after, which took us through some interestingly narrow places, including a bridge with only a few centimetres of clearance on each side. The South West has some tiny roads that are barely more than farm tracks, and GPS systems generally don’t seem to have any idea quite how small they are.

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