Home :: Owen Lean – Magician, Actor, Comedian, Sam’s Auntie

My multi-talented friend and adopted auntie Owen has just launched his revamped website – www.owenlean.com. He is a ridiculously talented chap. Often found performing his magic show on the streets of London, Dublin, Belfast, Vancouver and Edinburgh; he’s also a star of the bloody hilarious web series I Am Tim.

He acts, he does magic, he’s a great comic, and yes, he’s my auntie. He has helped me through some really tough times and is always on hand with a wise word or three, whatever the dilemma. Hard to believe the dude is so young, really. I have a feeling he might be a Timelord and he’s not letting on.

Go visit his site, watch his videos, have a good giggle and if you have an event coming up, book him.

Me and Auntie Owen, May 2011