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The first part of the challenge begins with me choosing three recipes from the Hairy Dieters (Search for "Hairy Dieters" on: DuckDuckGo, Amazon UK, Amazon US) book. All the recipes in there are calorie counted, so it takes the guesswork out when feeding the figures into My Fitness Pal.

The Recipes

  • Mediterranean Beef Burgers (413 calories per portion) – Michael loves a good burger, and this one uses grated courgettes to bulk out the meat patty.

  • Cajun Spiced Chicken with Potato Wedges and Chive Dip (284 calories per portion) – This looks easy, and I may make it even easier for myself by doing the potato wedges in the Actifry. Hey, my kitchen, my rules. Rarr.

  • “Special Cassoulet” (464 calories per portion) – Various meats, veg and beans all in one pot. A french classic, made healthier and easier by Si & Dave. Looking forward to this one.

The Shopping

As I’m really not keen on supermarkets, I decided to place an order with Asda. Delivery is cheaper than the others, the prices are generally better and the shopping experience overall is somewhat less painful than their competitors. In this first shop I’ve had to stock up on herbs and spices, so a lot of the items on the list should prove useful for future recipes. I’m taking a leap of faith with expiration dates, but if I have to batch cook all three recipes on the same day, that’s no problem. In fact the cassoulet will probably be better for it.

If all goes according to plan, and everything arrives, the first dish will be cooked tomorrow. Yes Michael; you can haz cheezburger, courtesy of Si & Dave.