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That was the week that was… and I really hope it’s over. After a fantastic day adventuring last Saturday things seemed to take a nosedive from there. Sunday was a rather lazy day; I didn’t have much energy to spare. Sunday night’s sleep was erratic to say the least and when I did sleep, I had horrid nightmares involving our family’s equivalent of Freddy Kruger coming to attack me. I woke up with arms flailing as I failed to fight him off in dreamworld and grab a couple more hours peaceful kip. I burst into tears, and sobbed uncontrollably for most of the day. When I wasn’t crying, I was sleeping. I couldn’t eat, drink or do anything useful. My brain was telling my body some down time was required and it would make it happen by any means necessary.

An eerily accurate depiction of my “Freddy”.

Despite sleeping until 5pm, I still managed a decent night’s sleep on Monday night. All was going well until the morning. Fortunately Michael was already up so this time wasn’t awakened by my screams when “Freddy” came after me again. Tuesday was also spent in a fog, but I was with it enough to be able to stay awake and poke around online a bit. That’s when the sleep apnea thing occurred to me. I thought I had recovered from sleep apnea having lost about 40lbs since being tested. My breathing had stabilised in recent weeks and I wasn’t getting the daytime tiredness I used to have, so I stopped using the CPAP machine. Tuesday night I decided to try using the machine again. I slept like a corpse. A straight, uninterrupted 8 hours of pure, nightmare-free sleep.

I’ve used the machine every night since, and apart from one tiny appearance in which I told him to “f*** off out of my sight”, “Freddy” has stayed away. Using the CPAP machine is a pain in the backside (more specifically, the back and shoulders), but it’s keeping the monster away and helping my brain to properly rest at night, so I guess I’m stuck with the damn thing for the time being.

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