Still Alive and Moving

I posted a while ago that I was back to playing Glitch, so I’d probably never get around to posting here again. Then I didn’t post again. I haven’t actually disappeared completely into Glitch, but it’s taken up most of the time I should have spent writing about what we’ve been up to, and processing photos to post here.

We’ve been going out a bit more still, which is fun – after a few times out on Exmoor, we’ve started doing a bit of Dartmoor, and have finally made it down to Dartmouth. We had a trip into Cornwall, visiting Tintagel. I have photos in the queue to be processed and posted from a few trips. I’ve almost finished a relatively long article about how I’m losing weight with the help of MyFitnessPal and Fitbit. I’ve tested and bought OmniFocus to manage the stuff I have to do. Just today (well, yesterday now, technically), I bought a surprisingly expensive stick.

I’ve also started playing Pocket Planes on my iPhone, though, so it’s quite possible none of these things will actually get finished and posted.