Photo Workflow Changes Again

I almost got around to writing about my current photo workflow recently. It’s probably for the best that I didn’t, though, as it’s just changed again.

I was using my Eye-Fi card again to transfer images from camera to MacBook. It wasn’t quick, but it was convenient, and always felt a bit magical. I’d stopped using it before when the card just stopped connecting reliably, but the problems seemed to have gone.

They came back.

While out at a wildlife park today, without another card (stupid! – I actually had one, but I’d forgotten it was faulty) it just wouldn’t connect. I could make it connect intermittantly by putting it in the Mac and using the Eye-Fi software to make it share the connection, then copying the images by WiFi, but there’s something very silly about putting a card into a machine, then using WiFi to copy the data from it. Doing it that way, though, let the Eye-Fi software do the part of knowing what needed copying, so it saved me going through the images trying to work out which ones I had already copied over.

Once I got it copying images over, though, it still refused to delete copied ones, which it’s supposed to be doing whenever the card is more than half full.

So, I’m back to an ordinary SD card, and putting it in the MacBook to empty it. Not quite as magical as before, but it’s much faster, and works reliably.

Maybe I’ll get around to writing about it properly soon.