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When we’re in Exeter city centre, we quite often (relative to the number of times we go in to the city centre, anyway) eat in John Gandys. It seems to be fairly well known as a dance and cocktail bar at night, but judging by how empty it usually is, surprisingly undiscovered for their lunchtime food. They do good burgers, and I like burgers.

When we were there last week, we had burgers topped with bacon and fried egg, and called them late breakfast. Delicious.

Burger, with bacon and fried egg topping. Nom.

They claim to make Exeter’s best burger, which I’d have to disagree with – I think Exeter Sausage and Grill is better, which has just rebranded as Urban Burger. John Gandys burgers are very good, though, and decent value for such a central location.

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