Home :: Orange Personal Hotspot on iPhone

Orange appear to have enabled the Personal Hotspot feature on iPhones, or at least on mine. Part of the Everything Everywhere rebranding, at a guess.

This pleases me.

I love my MacBook Air, and it goes out and about with me a lot. Whenever I’m away from home or work, though, it has no connectivity unless we find WiFi. That doesn’t happen so often here in Devon. Now I’ll have connectivity anywhere there’s a mobile signal. Which still often isn’t the case in Devon, but it’s often enough to be useful. I should be able to post photos from my ‘real’ camera while out, not just iPhone shots.

It costs extra, so I probably won’t make a lot of use of it, but it’s certainly good to know it’s there. All Orange (or EE) had to do was change a setting, and they’ll get more of my money. Good move on their part.