Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia Frozen Yogurt

I like ice-cream. I’m also trying to lose weight, though, and the two don’t go together very well. Frozen yogurt is much lower in calories, and can be just as tasty. Ben & Jerry have two frozen yogurt flavours I’ve seen fairly often here in the UK. The Chocolate Fudge Brownie one is good – probably 90% as good as the ‘real’ ice-cream version. The Cherry Garcia is perhaps even better than the ice-cream version, and I love it. It has chunks of cherry and dark chocolate.

Nom. At 700 calories per tub, I have been known to have a tub for dinner. Yes, that’s a terrible thing to do. No, I don’t care.

Yes. I will do it again.

Unfortunately, our local Tesco seem to have decided that it isn’t frozen yogurt weather any more, and have stopped stocking it. They still have ice-cream, but I can’t afford the calories for that.

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