A Brief Sony NEX-6 Update

Following on from my earlier posts about the NEX-6, I’ve had it a couple of weeks now. So, how is it?

Pretty good.

The only shots that haven’t gone entirely well with it were some fairly close-up product shots I tried for work, which I didn’t quite get the focussing right with. I often struggled to get good shots of that type with my Nikon D90 too, though, and the little kit zoom is probably a very unsuited lens for the job.

It’s really nice to have a decent camera in my coat pocket. It means I take shots I wouldn’t have bothered with before, which was a lot of what I wanted from the NEX. The picture effects are quite fun to play with, and I’m using the monochrome modes a lot. I’m especially keen on the Rich-tone Mono setting, which combines three shots into one.

It’s just as quick for me now to grab the NEX when I see a potential photo as it is to grab my iPhone. Things might be different with a newer iPhone – the 4S and 5 have faster camera apps – my iPhone 4 still takes a bit of time to be ready to shoot. Even then, though, the difference in time wouldn’t be much, and I’d be pretty sure to get a better photo.

Speedy Squirrel

This squirrel was too fast for me and my Sony. I liked the result anyway.

1/20th of a second – too slow a shutter speed for a squirrel.

Exeter – Christmas Market

Not many shots of the Christmas market, really, but a few shots in Exeter, taken with my new Sony NEX-6. I’m still loving that Rich-tone Mono setting.

The market itself was quite impressive. They’ve build a little mall from sheds, in front of the cathedral. A bazaar, perhaps, in the grounds of the cathedral. There was a surprising amount of drinking going on.

The NEX-6 feels good for street photography. I feel less self-concious photographing with it than I did with the Nikon D90. I probably still look like a nutter, but I don’t feel like quite so much of one. I think that might be a good thing.