Announcing PigPog Assist – A new service to help YOU!

Are YOU tired of staring at piddly little jobs building up in your to-do list that get bigger and uglier the more you stare at them?  Do YOU wish that you could just delegate those piddly little jobs to someone who could get them done with no fuss, no bother and for a reasonable fee?  Wish no more, because I’m delighted to introduce PigPog Assist, a new service for busy folks with too many tasks, not enough time.

Say hello to Owen.  Owen films a daily ‘vblog’, and had a massive backlog of videos to add to his website.  Here’s what he had to say after I helped him out and got his site nicely up to date:

To find out more about the services available, take a look at the new PigPog Assist page.

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