High Water at Bickleigh Bridge

We wanted to go to Exeter today, and we knew the valley road would be blocked by flooding. If Bickleigh was passable, Stoke Canon would be flooded. So we went that way anyway, to visit the flooding.

We actually got as far as Stoke Canon, which may have been passable. Some fairly ordinary cars were making it through, and we have a CR-V, so we’re a bit further from the ground. Most people were turning around and giving up, which seemed like the smart thing to do. Getting stuck in the middle didn’t seem like a fun idea.

We stopped on the way back for lunch at The Fisherman’s Cot, who do an excellent carvery on Sundays. I got some photos of the water flowing under the bridge. According to the staff, it had been much higher earlier today.

I made a short video of the water flowing on both sides of the bridge:

This is the pub from the other side of the bridge, where Bickleigh Mill is.

Debris was piling up between the arches of the bridge. More branches were joining these as I watched.

From outside at the Fisherman’s Cot:

I closed the aperture as small as possible to get a slow shutter, to melt the water a bit. Then I went manual and overexposed a little too. Seemed to work out ok.

The next one uses my favourite feature of the Sony NEX-6 – Rich-tone Mono mode. It fires off three shots, then combines the tones from them. It probably shouldn’t work on things that are moving fast, but I like what it did anyway.

Again with the over-exposed manual:

This one is a combination – over-exposed, and using the Rich-tone Mono setting. Shouldn’t work, but I like it.

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