Costa Hot Chocolates

We had hot chocolates at Costa while we were out yesterday, and they were quite delicious. We sat outside. In the UK. In December.

On the left is my Black Forest chocolate, while Sam had the Mint Chocolate on the right. Both had lots of cream. We also had a selection of cakes.

  • Tiffin was tasty – chocolatey and biscuity.
  • Raspberry and Almond slice was nice. Quite bakewell-like.
  • The chocolate orange tart was really tasty, which sharp orange tang cutting through the chocolate.
  • The Mince tart was a nice extension of a mince pie – a mince pie, but more so.

It was good.

It was fairly good.

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  1. You haven’t really tasted hot chocolate until you’ve had one in Barcelona – pure, molten, dark chocolate!

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