Zoom – a New Lens for my NEX-6: the Sony SEL55210

I finally decided what my first lens purchase was going to be for my Sony NEX-6, after the standard kit zoom it arrived with. I chose the SEL55210 – a 55-210 zoom from Sony. There are larger zoom ranges available, but they’re much bigger. First, the standard kit zoom at 24mm:

Now the new zoom at 210mm:

First Impressions

First impressions are good. It’s quite small and light, so it can slip into a coat pocket, while the camera is in another pocket. I can still go out without a bag or backpack to carry. The focussing can use PDAF (Phase Detect – the type of focussing used by DSLR cameras), so it should be quicker. That can only work in good light, though, which it hasn’t seen much of yet. A quick test with some birds outside today certainly doesn’t suggest it will match my Nikon D90 for such shots, but they’re very much an occasional thing for me.

It seems like it should do 90% of what I might want it to do, and it fits in a pocket. Seems like a win.

What Next?

The main thing I’m still lacking is anything that can get to a wide aperture. There are several f1.8 lenses, but I haven’t settled on which to go for yet.

  • The Sony 16mm f2.8 pancake lens looks good, but f2.8 isn’t enough. I’ll probably go for one of these at some point anyway, mainly for the sake of adding the fisheye adaptor. That gives really wide angles, for relatively little money, and the results I’ve seen are pretty good.
  • The Sony/Zeiss 24mm f1.8 is nice. The images I’ve seen from it do look better than those from other lenses. It’s a lot of money, though. A lot.
  • The Sony 35mm f1.8 looks like it will be good, though it’s a bit unknown until a few more people actually get them to try. The advantage is it’s the same focal length I’ve liked a lot when using the Nikon 35mm f1.8 lens. The disadvantage is it’s the same focal length I’ve used before, rather than something different.
  • The Sony 50mm f1.8 looks nice, and gives some fantastic results. It’s a bit of a long focal length for ‘normal’ use, but a great portrait lens. Might be fun anyway, and prices are quite reasonable.

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