Sony NEX-5R – in the hands of a novice.

I feel a bit of a fraud. My tiny amount of photography experience does not by any means make me a worthy owner of such a beautiful piece of equipment. Michael, however, thought otherwise and very kindly gave me a Sony NEX-5R for Xmas. That is typical Michael. When he finds something he enjoys he wants to share it with me, and the easiest way of sharing his Sony NEX experience was to buy me a camera of my own.

It arrived yesterday and since it needed a while to charge I only started using it today. It was love at first handling. The camera body is tiny – perhaps a little bit bigger than the Lumix I had before it, but incredibly small given its power and capabilities. The lens, however, is a big old beast. A beautiful chrome beast that is a joy to touch. The whole thing feels perfectly balanced in my little chubby hands and from the first time I held it, it felt as though this was going to be the best camera I’ve ever had.

Michael is an experienced photographer and knows his ISOs from his f-stops. He has attempted to explain the intricacies of photography to me before, but it didn’t really sink in. Now I have a camera that displays instantly the effects of a slow shutter speed and wider aperture, it’s now starting to make sense. I can make adjustments and see in real time what difference it makes. I also get to see the difference in the wide selection of lenses we have – and get a chance to use vintage lenses from the 60s and 70s. This is the best way to learn – and that will help me get more out of the camera, and not only will I understand what my husband is talking about, I will join in with him and love every minute of it.

The bad weather has so far prevented me from getting out and about with my new 16-megapixel friend, but I’m hoping to soon. And when I do, I’m sure we will make beautiful images together.

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