Home :: Aperture Tests with Asahi Takumar 50mm f/1.4

Just a few test shots I took from outside our front door. The garden in the background is four floors below the railings in the foreground.

Starting wide open, and f/1.4, the background is completely blurred out, but the camera also can’t get a fast enough shutter speed to avoid over-exposing quite a bit.

f-1.4 (overexposed)

At f/2 the exposure is closer, but still over, and it’s still a very blurred background.

f-2 (overexposed)

We’re about at a good exposure at a 4000th of a second shutter speed, and f/2.8.


At f/4 we have a good exposure, and the background is starting to look a little more detailed.


f/5.6 now, and the background is starting to get distracting.


At f/8 the background is starting to look a bit more clear.




f/16 is as narrow as the Takumar lens can get. Now the background is still blurry, but we can see quite a bit of detail. In a tiny thumbnail image, it almost looks sharp.


No great conclusion here apart from the obvious, that wider apertures give you less depth of field. We knew that, though, didn’t we? Kind of nice to see it demonstrated, anyway. It suggests I could really use a Neutral Density filter, too, so I can shoot this lens wide open in bright light.