Stoke Canon Industrial Estate

The River Exe had flooded in quite a few places, and Stoke Canon always seems to get hit quite hard. We were on out way back from Exeter, and Sam had the idea that Stoke Canon Industrial Estate might be a good place to get close to the floods to see what was going on and get some pictures.

It was.

What should have been open fields between the old industrial buildings and river now looked more like lakes.

Stoke Canon Construction

I carried on along the side of the old buildings, and realised they were abandoned, and had been left open. I did my first bit of very tame urban exploration.

Abandoned Construction

I wasn’t very well prepared for indoor shots in the dark – the Sony NEX-6 does have a built-in flash, but it really isn’t very powerful, and I didn’t have any external flashes with me. I’d bought a pocketable head torch just a few days before, which turned out to be very handy. Some day we’ll return with a Nikon Speedlight and more torches.

Full gallery follows: