Red Berries

Two shots, both taken with an old Chinon 135mm f/2.8 lens. These are as close as this lens can focus, but it brings out colours and tones really nicely, and the wide aperture gives a beautifully shallow depth of field.

Walking Home

I walked home recently. I haven’t done that for a while, and it felt like a bit of a challenge. It isn’t so much the distance as the steep hill at the end. I made it home, though, without collapsing and dying at all, which was a win. It was also a nice chance to […]

New Toys from Wex

I sent most of my old Nikon gear to Wex for part exchange recently, and spent the proceeds on new toys for my Sony NEX-6. They arrived yesterday. I haven’t had much chance to play so far, but here are some very brief first impressions… Sony SEL35f18 (Search for “SEL35f18” on: DuckDuckGo, Amazon UK, Amazon […]