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We’re experimenting with adding Flattr links to PigPog. I’m not sure if Flattr has taken off to enough of an extent to make any difference, but it’s always seemed like a good take on the micropayments idea to me, and these things can’t take off if people don’t try them out. It’s quite nicely unobtrusive, too.

Flattr is a service you sign up for, and put in a small amount of money each month. You can then click Flattr links on web sites or other content, and your monthly ‘tip jar’ gets split among the people you’ve ‘flattrd’ that month. The minimum amount is just 3 EUR a month, so it doesn’t cost much to show a bit of appreciation.

They seem to have changed direction a little recently, in a way that should make it much easier to use. It now connects to various accounts, like Twitter, Flickr and Instagram, and counts your ‘likes’ or ‘favourites’ on those services as flattrs. So when you favourite a photo on Flickr, or star a tweet, the user will get a little tip if they’re on Flattr.

It has to take off to really have much effect, but it’s an idea I like a lot.