Telephoto Test with Old Hanimex 200mm

The view from our steps with a 35mm lens:

2013-03-27 18.00.17

The white building in the middle distance is a school, on the other side of the canal from us. The closest white part has a window and a decorative pattern on it, and a diagonal roof sloping down to the right.

The next photo is that part only, taken with a strange lens combination:

2013-03-31 16.52.55

It’s an old Hanimex 200mm f/4.5 lens, picked up nice and cheap on eBay, with two 2x converters between it and the adaptor that connects it to my Sony NEX. That makes it a total of 800mm. I used my Tamrac Zipshot tripod, which was really pushing the limits of such a flimsy portable tripod. The image was shaking about all over the place in the wind, but I tried a couple of shots, and they came out ok. Not good, but kind of impressive considering what they were taken with.

Here’s the ‘lens’ on the camera:

NEX-6 with Hanimex 200mm and 2x 2x Converters

And this is what it looks like on the Zipshot tripod:

Hanimex Beastie on Zipshot Tripod

I wouldn’t call it a practical combination for day-to-day use, and the quality isn’t good, but it’s fun to play with, which is important too.

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